Upgrade your kitchen with these fantastic ideas

Upgrade your kitchen with these fantastic ideas

Are you looking for a budget friendly kitchen upgrade and decorating ideas? If you think your  kitchen is looking a tad tired, you don’t have to spend a handsome amount to give it a crisp new look. All you need is a little time, creativity, and effort to spice up the heart and soul of your home. 

As we know that cupboards get out dated very soon, in terms of color and style, so think about considering just replacing the doors of the cupboards if the framework is still in good shape. There are many companies that specializes in providing replacement doors services. 

Since kitchen is a busy looking area, try to avoid anything which will look extreme and will make the kitchen look much busier.  Scroll down for some friendly ideas for the upgrade. 

Painting the cabinets

Believe it or not, painting the cabinets is the best way to give a new look to your kitchen. Just do a little research on what colors are going in trend and pick a combination and start painting those rustic cabinets. 

Try installing new worktops

It will be a drastic change in the look of your kitchen if you will install new worktops. Install a built-in cutting or draining board on the worktop so that working is easy. 

Put a rug in front of the sink

It is very important to make the workplace comfortable for your feet. Add a colorful double duty rug just near your sink. Rugs those are washable in case of any spilling. 

Adding paintings

Are you a big fan of art? Add some color to your kitchen by placing colorful paintings on the walls. 

Change the hardware 

Change the boring hardware of your kitchen and add new and funky hardware. You can try quartz crystals, colorful knobs, or anything which is definitely not wood. 

Bright lightening  

Add lots of lights. Make it a sunnier décor. Clear glass pendant lights will let the rays flow and will bright up the entire kitchen.

Checked ceiling 

Is your kitchen all white? Try something funky and risky. Paint the ceiling with a pattern preferably checkered.  Select the color combination according to the colors of your walls.

Creative seating 

Make use of any spare seating in your house. Paint them or upgrade them and place it in your kitchen just next to the counter tops. It will provide the quirky charm in your kitchen.

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