The Ultimate Guide To Buy Perfumes Online in Pakistan

Buying a suitable fragrance online is certainly one hell of a decision especially for those who are not frequent buyers. You cannot just pick and choose any random one, as you are not getting to test them. There are various factors that make it difficult for you to buy perfume online, like you can just view the perfume image and read their fragrance description but you can never decide how exactly that perfume smells. This makes it evident that you will never be able to have any idea online that whether you should go for it or not.

This article will highlight some meaningful tips that will be helpful in buying the perfume online.

Getting Familiar with Perfume Terminology

It is necessary to get familiar with basic terminologies of perfumes before ordering it online. The most common terms that are used to describe the perfume over online websites include fragrance notes, longevity, and sillage.

The longevity of the fragrance tells that how long a fragrance may last. The sillage defines the power of scent. Those fragrances with weak or low silage cannot be smelled from long distance, where as the ones with strong sillage are harmful too as it can give you headache. Most of the time people prefer to have fragrances that have good silage and longevity. The term of perfume notes is also used to describe perfumes. There are three notes in every perfume that are classified as top note, middle or heart note and base note.

Guess from Perfume Color

Colors speak a lot about the perfumes. Whenever you start you plan to buy perfume online you may find a bundle of perfumes representing different colors. These colors can also help you to choose the best scent. At times, perfume commercials are also color coded such as green, pink and black depending upon the type of scent. Here are some details linked to this:


You may see variety of perfumes packed in black bottles or stylish boxes. The color black has deep significance attached to the scent type. Black color is used to represent strong fragrances for men having dominant attitude and class. These fragrances are rich, warm and charming that you can wear in evening parties, meetings and anywhere you like.


Feminism is linked to color pink. Whenever you think about pink color the first thing that crosses your mind is princess, fairy tales and beauty. Therefore, pink color represents women’s fragrances so they are usually soft, floral and calm. The shade of the pink also describes the fragrance nature such as Sapil Nancy Pink Women and Sapil Chichi Women. So next time whenever you will buy perfume online you will get an idea that pink if for sweet scents.


Green color is associated with the greenery and eco friendly environment. The fragrances packed in green bottles or boxes usually have fresh and woody smell.


The blue color represents air and water so these perfumes have freshness and calmness at the same time.


The golden color presents charming and confident personality so same goes for the perfume. All the perfumes packed in golden box or bottle are used to present charming scents.

Shape of the Perfume Bottle

Not just color but also the shape of the perfume bottles is associated with scents. Decent black bottle represents masculinity. A beautiful pink bottle heart shaped represents a warm and romantic scent created for women. So now you will get some idea that different colors and perfume shapes are also associated with different scent type that can help you to buy perfume online.

Perfume name has ‘Clues’

Most of the perfume names are kept based on the fragrances nature like Original Rasasi Romance Eau de Parfum, or Sapil Chichi Crazy Girl defines the floral fragrance, or a fragrance that ignites romance emotions for a girl. They use such terms because most of the girls and women love to wear floral fragrances. Names like Queen, Alexander, Royal present fragrances that are soft, romantic and powerful at the same time. While the words like strong, Intense and magical are used to describe scents that have strong smell and sillage. All these concepts can help you to buy perfume online.

Research Well

Doing some research before you buy perfume online will be beneficial. Most of the website and online stores have description about the scent, notes, packaging and capacity. Do go through some user submitted reviews to get some idea that how exactly it smells.

It is always a great idea to get some knowledge about the online marketplace before buying the perfume you are looking for.

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