And The “Lawn War” Begins - Lawn Collection 2017 in Pakistan

Lawn Craze and Women of our Society

Pakistanis especially Karachiites doesn’t get winters in complete sense. People start reviving their summer wardrobe since mid February that makes it pretty obvious that “lawn craze” season has commenced. With the start of March, you can see all the main roads filled with larger than life billboards with beautiful women flaunting gorgeous outfits of different brands. Not just the billboards, the teasers of lawn TVCs of various brands featuring Pakistani catwalk divas awestruck the spectators. The marketing looks so promising that tempts the women to get their hands on their favorite ones. And, who can forget these lawn exhibitions that have now become a status symbol of Pakistani elite. Women mark their calendars in advance to keep a check on all upcoming lawn launches!

The acquisition of a designer lawn suit means a great deal! Back are the days when husbands used to get a lawn jora for their wives on their way back home to surprise them. These ‘tactics’ fail completely in the present times. Nothing can please wives other than an expensive designer lawn dress which they can flaunt and show off in front of other women.

The working women of our society on the contrary, can surely afford their favorite designer wear, so they can rightfully lay a finger on that much coveted Sana Safinaz lawn or Maria B dress. Moreover, it is indeed a part of maturity or simply realizing what it means to be putting blood and sweat into a 9 to 6 working day, it has made working ladies recognize how much they should spend on clothes and how much they should save.  This is surely a sigh of relief for their fathers, and husbands.

Lawn Collections 2017 in Pakistan

Glimpse of the Latest Lawn Collections 2017

Unlike any other year, 2017 marks another landmark in lawn shopping trends in Pakistan. Filling the summer wardrobe with latest designer dresses demands a full fledge “lawn war” among brands who make all possible efforts to attract women. Recently, Gul Ahmed, Sapphire, Khaddi, Cross Stitch, and Sana Safinaz made a bombastic entry in the market. What the buzz is all about let’s find out:

Gul Ahmed #MainPerfectHoon

Gul Ahmed launched its premium lawn collection with a trending TVC “#Main Perfect Hoon”. The concept was to focus on women empowerment and their imperfections that still make them ‘perfect’. This lawn campaign aimed to project Gul Ahmed women as bold, intelligent, confident, and smart. Vibrant colors, latest eye catching designs, and quality premium fabric, makes this year’s Gul Ahmed lawn promising.

Khaddi Lawn

Women’s favorite clothing brand Khaddi recently launched its Lawn Unstitched volume 1 collection. This includes both printed and embroidered options. This includes 3 pieces, 4 pieces, 5 pieces, 2 pieces, and 1 pieces giving you variety of options to shop. Women response on this launch is overwhelming as they turned up in huge numbers to Khaddi outlets.


Another most anticipated launch of 2017 is Sapphire. Vibrant colors, amazing mesmerizing designs, and affordable price tags make it an attractive deal for women. Sapphire Lawn is available in various price tags and in both stitched and unstitched options. The brand was warmly received by women at its launch.

Sana Safinaz

The most anticipated and loved brand Sana Safinaz launched its premium lawn collection in the starting of March 2017. Long queues are witnessed at their outlets where women in huge numbers turned up to get their hands on their favorite dress. Although prices are hefty high, but this just couldn’t stop women to fascinate their love for Sana Safinaz.

More Collections to Follow

Well, this is certainly the most obvious thing to say, as lawn fashion never fades and always makes it to the store almost 8 months a year. More brands and more volumes are expected to make an entry in upcoming months.
Some of the popular lawn brands Star Lawn,Sitara Sapna Lawn, Rashid Lawn,MTF Lawn, Dawood Lawn, VS Lawn, and Zuni Lawn have made a huge impact among the masses across Pakistan.
So, load your handbags with money and hunt for your desired Lawn jora without any hesitation. Stay tuned for more updates.

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