Is Inverter AC the Best Energy Effective Option Available?

Summers are the most prevailing season of Pakistan. Most of the country is subject to hot scorching summers for almost 8 to 9 months of the year. There is a dire need of proper cooling arrangements in the most economical manner. Air conditioners are the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to beating the summers, but at the same time it is painful for most of the countrymen due to their concerns about increasing electricity bills. You can visualize a significant jump in the bill during summer season. This can be managed by installing right machine at your home.  

The latest technology introduced in this regard is the Inverter Technology for air conditioners. It has been learnt that the Inverter technology is designed to save 30-50% of electricity in terms of units as compared to a regular air conditioner. This technology is eco friendly, cost effective, faster cooling/ heating, and has longer time. This article covers the wonders of Inverter technology and how it works to save electricity.

Difference between Inverter & Non Inverter Air Conditioning

Regular Air Conditioning

When you are dealing with a regular air conditioner, the compressor is either turned on or off.  If the compressor is on, it consumes full electricity as it operates on full capacity. As the thermostat approaches the standard level in the AC, the compressor stops while the fan inside continues to work. The compressor starts when the thermostat senses the increase in temperature. The regular air conditioner aims to deliver fixed power at a fixed speed. The compressor stops to maintain the desired temperature.

Inverter Air Conditioning

Japan is the inventor of this amazing technology and ishs uses it successfully in refrigerators and air conditioners saving energy and cost. The inverter technology in an air conditioner can be compared with an accelerator in the car. When more power is required by compressor it supplies that and vice versa. The compressor is always switched on but drags power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the standard level set in the thermostat. The power limits and speed of compressor is adjusted suitably. The compressor speed varies in the inverter air conditioning system as it delivers precise cooling or heating power as required. This technology is available currently in split air conditioners only.

How much electricity can be saved?

The question arises how much electricity can be saved by using inverter technology. The regular Air-conditioners consume maximum domestic & commercial power. Therefore, the developed world made a smart move and switched to inverter ACs in order to save power and cost. The trend of using inverter ACs spread rapidly in countries like India & China; as 50% of the Chinese air conditioners are inverter based. The technology is new to Indian and Pakistani market but is expected to do wonder in near future.

Pakistani Brands with Inverter AC Technology

Orient AC

Orient Split ACs possesses the inverter technology. Orient DC Inverter AC is the perfect combination of latest technology and ultimate sophistication that not only provide finest cooling during summers but also keep you warm during winters. Orient DC Inverter comes in 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton capacity variations. Some of the popular Orient AC models include Econotech MF-08CA A/C, Orient OS-19 MR27 A/C, Orient MCC-18CR A/C, and Orient OF-48MS2 A/C.

Gree AC

Gree Air conditioning comes with best mechanism, electronic systems and strongest cooling. Gree air conditioners aim to provide comfort and wellness by choosing innovative ways to design eco friendly devices. Some of the popular Gree series include Gree Artful Series, Gree U Grace Series, and Gree Admiral Series etc.

Haier AC

Inverter technology is the prominent feature of Haier Split ACs. The DC Inverter technology saves energy and control the air flow with its high tech sensors. Haier DC Inverter Split A/C Series includes HSU-12HQA/R2-DB, DC inverter HSU-12HZE/R2-DB and DC inverter HSU-18HZE/R2-DB.

Samsung AC

Inverter technology is present in Samsung Split ACs. Some of the popular brands include Samsung Split Air ConditionerSamsung 1.0 ton Split Air Conditioner to name a few.

Dawlance AC

Dawlance has recently introduced the Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan. These ACs are equipped with latest technology to achieve maximum efficiency to save energy and cost.


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