How to Install & Operate Hybrid Heaters in Pakistan

Chilly waves are already making its way to Pakistan. In order to welcome full-fledged winters it is essential to prepare in advance to avoid catching cold or other health issues due to cold weather. Staying warm, comfortable, and cozy is what every person is looking for in this situation. Making a rightful investment in buying a quality heater is definitely beneficial. 

Hybrid heaters are definitely a perfect choice for price conscious users. The reason behind choosing them as your choice is it energy saving qualities. They can reduce your electricity bills by 60%. Due to excessive gas loading in Pakistan, people have decided to choose hybrid heaters as a perfect alternative. Even in the presence of gas during winters, the pressure is not up to mark to operate regular gas combustion heaters. Last few winter seasons suffered a lot of problems on user end due to shortage of gas supply. Hybrid heaters require less gas to operate as compared to traditional ones. Energy efficiency is not just the only trait that makes them popular; these devices are price efficient as well. 

Purchase a step down Converter (220 to 110 volts)

Initially you should purchase a step down converter for heater. This device converts 220 to 110 volts with your newly acquired hybrid heater in order to operate in Pakistan. The step down converters are locally manufactured and cost around 300 to 500 PKR depending on the wattage and from where you have purchased them. A step down converter of 100 watt is sufficient to operate a hybrid heater of any size. Refrain from connecting heater directly into socket, it will result in blowing up the transformer, making heater inoperable. 

Connecting Your Hybrid Heater to a Gas Outlet

This is a simple procedure that requires you to access a gas outlet in the room and connect it with your gas heater. There will be a pipe connector at the rear of your hybrid heater. It is highly recommended to use an 8.5 mm thick gas pipe to connect heater with gas outlet. This pipe is sturdy and thick and can endure pressure caused by stepping on it or heavy weights on top of it. Don’t forget to secure the gas pipe with a clip ring at the gas point on heater and wall. This will prevent the pipe accidently coming off or any leakage.

Connecting Your Hybrid Heater to a Gas Cylinder

People in Pakistan have started using portable refillable gas cylinders with hybrid heaters. This trend has been observed over the last couple of months due to immense gas load shedding. Experts do not recommend connecting hybrid heater to gas cylinder usually, however, it can be used as a last resort in case of shortage of gas supply. In order to protect the heater from damage, gas cylinder should be equipped with high quality regulator. Normally, a 4 liter gas cylinder can run a 2,500 BTU small/medium hybrid heater for almost 30 hours. 

Placement of Heater

Hybrid heaters can keep the room warm uniformly using a built in fan. Placing the heater along the length of the room is ideal for proper circulation covering maximum area. It is advised not to obstruct the heater vents by placing anything in front of the heater, as it might result in reducing the efficiency of heating, damaging the fan motor due to overheating.  

Plugging Your Hybrid Heater into an Electrical Socket

After connecting hybrid heater to a gas outlet, it has to be plugged into electrical socket. It is advised not to connect your heater directly to electrical socket. First connect it to a step down transformer. Now it is ready to use. Do not run your hybrid heaters on electric generators as it might blow up. However, these heaters are perfectly safe to use with a UPS.

Turning Hybrid Heater On

Most of the hybrid heaters have their instructions and labels written in Japanese script. But most of the buttons are self explanatory and can be figured out easily. All the controls reside at the top of these hybrid heaters and are labeled in Japanese. The power button is fairly easy to locate. It is usually the rightmost button on the top control panel of your heater. On Japanese heaters the power button is labeled as ‘Operation’.

Adjust the Room Temperature Accordingly

There is a built in climate control that allows the users to regulate the room temperature as desired. Usually the heater allows you to adjust the temperature of the room anywhere between 16C to 26C (degree Celsius).

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