Essential Accessories For Travelling

When travelling you should carry light but have everything essential that you may or may not need. This is definitely a tricky task to do because you should prepare for any scenario at the same time as well. The art of packing light is as important as packing smart. First and foremost thing you should understand is that comfort and convenience is the key point for travelling therefore choose things efficiently. And keep in mind that whatever you pack you have to carry it as well.

We have compiled all the necessary items that one may need when travelling. The secret combo would be a backpack and a hard carry-on suitcase.

Hard Carry On Suitcase:

It protects all your items no matter what weather it is. These kinds of bags are very spacious, get the one with the expandable zipper so you always have extra space.


Get a backpack with padded strap, it spreads the weight evenly and is easy on the shoulders compared to carrying a cross-body bag. During your travel time you need hands-free while roaming around navigating routes or getting the perfect shot. Make sure you get the one that is waterproof.


Comfortable Shoes:

You don’t need four or five pair of shows for the ‘just in case’ situation. We have all been there and are a master in carrying ‘just in case’ items. Pack multi-purpose shoes that go with everything that is durable, waterproof and are comfortable for long walks.


Ziploc Plastic Bags:

These are great for holding your medications, toiletries, passport, phone and what not. The clear plastic bags helps you stay organized and find things easily.

Money Belt:

They are not the fashion statement that we need to make but these come handy. You can’t leave your valuables in the hotel be it passport or the cash you carrying.

Transparent Folder:

Put in all of your essential documents in it that you may need on the trip. It can be our tickets, maps, hotel confirmations and etc.


You are going on a trip and you want to capture as much sceneries and memories as you can.


Some of us have to keep in touch with our work even when away.

Sanitizers/ Wipes:

These are just an essential for me any day; you never know what germs you may come in contact with. They are multi-purpose and are very useful for what not.


This is a must for the entire selfie junkie out there.

You necessarily don’t have to stick to this list, pack smartly what works best for you. When travelling you bring essentials and have a minimalist approach towards packing while travelling.

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