Some Promising Washing Machines That Interests You!

Washing machines are definitely a sigh of relief for womenwho find difficult to manage household with toddlers around. The worstnightmare for a housewife is getting stuck up in the middle of house chores dueto the malfunctioning of certain home appliances. Imagine your very own washingmachine stops in the middle or fails to function at the fullest! Yourexpressions say it all!

After trying every possible way to repair it, you are leftwith no other option than to buy a new one. Purchasing a perfect washer mightappear to be a common task but it is truly challenging to the core. You have tobe smart enough to analyze your requirement, budget, size, load capacity andarea of laundry before investing your money.

The question arises how can you make a smart move and choosea perfect washer for your home? Let’s analyze in detail the pros, cons,features, types, and capacity requirements for purchasing a washing machine forhome or commercial purposes.

Analyzing Washing Machine Technologies

The dilemma is that most of us are unaware of the washertechnologies that are available in the market. We fail to comprehend theirworking capacities and to figure out the most efficient one.

Front Loading Washer

The popularity of front loading washer is associated with itslarge washing capacity. It occupies the space between 3.9 to 5.1 cubic feet.This washer enables you to wash your bed sheets, comforters and blankets athome with ease. Various top loading washers have extended their capacity but itis not parallel to the spacious front loaders. They are sleek and boast thelatest steam and advance settings.  Theyare effective in saving water and energy unlike others. In my opinion thiswould be a great choice!

Top Loading Washer

Talking about the top loading washer, it operates from thetop by simply lifting up the lid and exposing to the washer drum. The waterrequirement in top loader is excessive, as it is compulsory to soak the clothesproperly. These washers are recognized with the Energy Star rating as they areavailable in high efficiency and conventional models. Top loaders haveundergone some sort of renovations as manufacturers are working on theirfeature enhancements. From basic wash to two wash cycles, touch screens and lotmore is available in top loaders.

Wash- dry combination washer

We have entered the era of combination washers that are timeand energy efficient. Wash- dry combinations are popularly used in Europe, butnow the rest of the world has realized its effectiveness and has started todeploy them. It is an all in one machine that not only washed your clothes butalso dries them. It is a perfect machine for early goers; they can wash clothesat night and wear them with ease in the morning. They are convenient as theyoccupy half of the space only.

Compact Washer

These are the dream machines for those who do not havebundles to wash daily. Compact washers consist of small capacities; fit forthose who have space restrictions. They are not configured with variety ofoptions that top load washers possess. The utility factor stands out in thiscategory as they perfectly clean your clothes without occupying too much space.These washers can be heaped with front load compact dryers.

Best Washing Machine Brands Available in Pakistan


Haier Washing Machines are equipped with various features like Direct DriveMotor, Detergent Drawer, ECO, sensor drying, top energy class, spin efficiencytop class to name a few. You can get these washers in top loading and frontloading technologies. The price range of these washing machines is from 8,000PKR to 17,000 PKR, which is pretty economical for masses.


The best thing about Super Asia Washing Machine is the electrical steel sheet usedfor low energy usage; it gives you highest recital even in low voltage. The dualact pulsation is there for improved laundry and cleaner clothes. The priceranges from 3,500 PKR to 31,000 PKR.


Electrolux is a European electronics giant that specializes in assembling andmanufacturing of refrigerator. The brand is number one refrigerator seller inmore than 150 countries with 40 million consumer base, and is regarded aspioneer in Direct Cool Refrigerator technology. The price of these washersranges from 9000 PKR to 34,000 PKR.


Kenwood Washing Machines aims to provide you a whole newperfect wash experience with sustained quality standards. Kenwood offers SemiAutomatic/ Washer, and Fully Automatic range of machines. The price ranges from8,000 PKR to 15,500 PKR.


Samsung washing machine is at the top with the features like air Turbo dryingSystem, Child Lock, Capacity Wide Door, and User Friendly LED Display whichwash clothes easily and saves your time and energy.


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